Unique experience with your personal tailor. 

Tailored to your exact measurements and style.

Hand-crafted to perfection by master tailors in Melbourne and Europe

We are proud of our innovative and progressive nature. We guarantee our handcrafted garments, and we never take the easy way out.

Always listening to and interpreting our clients' needs, we fit both mind and body. Our service on your schedule. We value your time and style, and we always keep it at the forefront of mind

You have the opportunity to own and dictate each element of your garments’ architecture, and unlimited access to the very best English, French Italian and Japanese fabric mills. Including the prestigious Loro Piana, Zegna, Dormeiul, Cerutti 1881, Cavani and many more.

 Our garments are made from a dedicated, highly skilled Tailor in Melbourne. 

We also have partners in Hong Kong, Florence and Istanbul to create your garment. 

Starting Price Points;

Suits - Two Piece Starting at $1199

Suits - Three Piece Starting at $1599

Vests Starting at $349

Blazers Starting at $799

Trousers Starting at $399

Overcoats Starting at $1299

Casual Jacketing Starting at $699

Shorts Starting at $195

Footwear Starting at $499

Shirts Starting at $289